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Stick Fight: The Game - How to Create and Share Your Own Levels

Stick Fight: The Ultimate Guide

Stick fight is a term that refers to various martial arts that use simple long, slender, blunt, hand-held sticks for fighting. It also refers to a popular video game that features physics-based stick figure combat. Whether you are interested in learning the history, techniques, benefits, or equipment of stick fighting, this article will provide you with everything you need to know.

Table of Contents

History of Stick Fighting

Stick fighting has been practiced for thousands of years in different cultures and regions around the world. Some of the earliest evidence of stick fighting comes from ancient Egypt, where depictions of stick fighters were found in tombs and temples. Stick fighting was also common among the ancient Greeks and Romans, who used wooden staffs and batons for training and combat.

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African Stick Fighting

One of the most prominent regions where stick fighting developed is Africa, where various ethnic groups have their own traditions and styles of stick fighting. For example, the Zulu people of South Africa have a martial art called Zulu stick fighting or Nguni stick fighting, which involves dueling with long sticks and shields. The Surma people of Ethiopia have a ritual called donga stick fighting, which is a way of showing off and attracting brides. The Yoruba people of Nigeria have a martial art called gbetugbetu, which uses short sticks and knives.

European Stick Fighting

Another region where stick fighting flourished is Europe, where many countries have their own systems and methods of stick fighting. For instance, Portugal has a martial art called jogo do pau, which means "game of sticks" and involves swinging long staffs at high speed. France has a martial art called la canne or canne de combat, which means "cane" or "cane combat" and involves using walking sticks or umbrellas for self-defense. Ireland has a martial art called bataireacht or Irish stick fighting, which uses shillelaghs or wooden clubs for fighting.

Asian Stick Fighting

Asia is another region where stick fighting has a long and rich history. Many Asian martial arts use sticks or similar weapons as part of their training or curriculum. For example, Japan has a martial art called bōjutsu or bōjitsu, which means "staff technique" or "staff art" and involves using long wooden staffs called bō for striking and blocking. The Philippines has a martial art called arnis or eskrima or kali, which means "harness" or "fencing" or "blade" and involves using short rattan sticks called arnis sticks for striking and disarming. India has a martial art called silambam or chilambam, which means "bamboo staff" and involves using long bamboo staffs for spinning and thrusting.

Techniques of Stick Fighting

Stick fighting techniques vary depending on the style, system, weapon, and situation. However, some common elements and principles can be found across different forms of stick fighting. Here are some basic techniques that you can practice with a stick or a similar object.


The grip is how you hold the stick in your hand. There are different ways to grip the stick depending on the length, weight, shape, and purpose of the weapon. Generally speaking, you want to grip the stick firmly but not too tightly, so that you can control it without losing circulation in your fingers. You also want to grip the stick near the end but not at the very end, so that you can maximize your leverage and reach Stance

The stance is how you position your body and feet when holding the stick. There are different stances for different situations and purposes, but a general rule is to keep your feet shoulder-width apart and your knees slightly bent. You also want to keep your back straight and your head up, so that you can see your opponent and maintain your balance. You can hold the stick in front of you, on your side, or over your shoulder, depending on the angle and distance of the attack.


The strike is how you swing or thrust the stick at your target. There are different types of strikes, such as horizontal, vertical, diagonal, circular, or jabbing. You can strike with different parts of the stick, such as the tip, the middle, or the butt. You can also strike with different levels of force, speed, and accuracy. The key is to use your whole body to generate power and momentum, not just your arm. You also want to aim for vulnerable areas on your opponent's body, such as the head, neck, ribs, knees, or groin.


The block is how you stop or deflect an incoming strike from your opponent. There are different ways to block, such as parrying, deflecting, checking, or absorbing. You can block with different parts of the stick, such as the tip, the middle, or the butt. You can also block with different angles and directions, depending on the trajectory of the attack. The goal is to protect yourself from harm and create an opening for a counterattack.

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The disarm is how you take away or neutralize your opponent's weapon. There are different methods to disarm, such as twisting, locking, trapping, or striking. You can disarm with different parts of the stick, such as the tip, the middle, or the butt. You can also disarm with different techniques and tactics, depending on the situation and opportunity. The aim is to gain an advantage over your opponent and end the fight.

Benefits of Stick Fighting

Stick fighting is not only a fun and exciting activity, but also a beneficial one. Here are some of the benefits of stick fighting:

Physical Benefits

Stick fighting can improve your physical fitness and health in many ways. It can help you develop strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination, balance, agility, reflexes, and reaction time. It can also help you burn calories, lose weight, tone muscles, and prevent injuries.

Mental Benefits

Stick fighting can also enhance your mental well-being and performance in many ways. It can help you boost your confidence, self-esteem, discipline, focus, Gameplay

The gameplay of Stick Fight: The Game is simple and chaotic. You can play with up to four players online or locally, and each player controls a stick figure with basic movements and attacks. You can punch, kick, grab, throw, and use various weapons to defeat your opponents. The weapons range from pistols, rifles, shotguns, swords, axes, hammers, grenades, rockets, lasers, and more. The environments are also dynamic and interactive, with platforms, spikes, traps, lava, ice, snakes, and other hazards that can affect the outcome of the fight. The game is fast-paced and unpredictable, with rounds lasting only a few seconds or minutes. The game has no story or objectives, other than to have fun and be the last stick standing.


Stick Fight: The Game has several features that make it enjoyable and replayable. Some of the features are:

  • Physics-based combat: The game uses a realistic physics engine that makes the stick figures react to every hit, impact, and explosion. The physics also affect the weapons and the environments, creating hilarious and unexpected situations.

  • Random weapons and maps: The game has over 100 different weapons and over 80 different maps that are randomly generated every round. This means that every fight is different and challenging, and you never know what to expect.

  • Customization: The game allows you to customize your stick figure with various colors, hats, faces, and accessories. You can also create your own maps and weapons with the built-in level editor and workshop.

  • Online multiplayer: The game supports online multiplayer with up to four players. You can join public or private servers, or host your own server. You can also chat with other players using text or voice.


Stick fight is a versatile and fun activity that can be practiced as a martial art, a sport, or a video game. It can provide you with physical, mental, and social benefits, as well as entertainment and enjoyment. Whether you want to learn the history, techniques, benefits, or equipment of stick fighting, or you want to play Stick Fight: The Game with your friends online or offline, this article has given you everything you need to know. Now go grab a stick and start fighting!

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